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Veterans’ Day 2008

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

Since today is Veteran’s Day, I wanted to honor all of our soldiers who are serving our country.  In particular, I greatly miss my nephew Jason, son of my brother Peter.  I am taking the liberty of extracting some of the following from Peter’s website:
Jason was deployed in September 2007. Fourteen months later, he is still there. He is stationed in northern Iraq, the most dangerous part of the country. He is alive and well. He is getting “short” and expects to leave in December.
So many momentous events occurred this year — economic meltdowns in nations around the world and an historic election — the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan seem to have moved out of our awareness.

We need to realize that more than 215,000 U. S. troops are stationed in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kuwait, the highest number since the wars began. Soldiers are exhausted by frequent long rotations. Suicide rates are skyrocketing.

Yes, “war is hell.” Regardless of your beliefs about these wars, we ask you to support the men and women who are serving selflessly far from home, and their families. How can ordinary people support the troops?  For more information, please also go to my brother’s website (also THE source for information on special education law:  Thank you.